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Supporting a warm international group of amazing professional people, where we plan our next steps.

About Amazing People Talk

Amazing People Talk is a network to connect and chat with other interesting seekers of excellence from around the world. It's our mission to offer you a nurturing, supportive space where you can  explore your potential and purpose with others on a similar journey.

Why You Should Join Amazing People Talk

There are so many good things that come from cultivating online friendships. Meeting others who share our journey offers us a wealth of support, creativity and motivation. The future of social media is exclusive networks of shared interests.

Join Amazing People Talk as a free subscriber and get involved. We offer private circles and courses for international, professional women who together explore our next steps in personal growth, an accountability circle and even a meetup for professionals to connect and practice speaking English. 

About Inanna

Artist of unseen futures. empathetic storyteller, sparkler of fairy dust. Friend of those who learn differently.

Hobbies: imitating seahorses, trusting in the mystery of life, helping people find confidence and courage through change.

About Dagmar

Seeker of new experiences, fascinated with learning and psychology, maker of change, miner of hidden potential, scientist of highest purpose, theoretician of the possible, unicorn.

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